Homes for Life Foundation (HFLF) is dedicated to breaking the “revolving door syndrome” that generates homelessness. We develop permanent, quality housing solutions where homeless, mentally ill people can choose to live for an unlimited amount of time and where their basic life needs are met in caring and supportive living environments.

Along with this kind of housing, we provide services that include counseling, rehabilitation and case management to our clients. These services help build their sense of belonging and provide a strong foundation to help them reach their highest potential.



Our Story

Homes for Life Foundation was formed as a housing corporation in 1986 and as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization in 1987 by professionals from the fields of business and mental health who were also relatives and friends of people with mental disabilities. This dedicated group of volunteers helped to identify the lack of permanent, affordable, service-enriched housing as being the main obstacle to sane, stabilized lives for mentally disabled adults.