Our Mission

Since 1987, Homes for Life Foundation has established a network of permanent, affordable, service-enriched housing in Los Angeles County for individuals who suffer from mental illness and are homeless.


The mission of HFLF is to offer mentally ill adults the choice of a home for life to prevent the downward spiral of despair and the crises resultant from eviction and homelessness, many times ending in death, due to the lack of permanent, supportive housing.

Homes for Life Foundation operates system-changing programs based on concepts of prevention and collaboration among agencies. HFLF is committed to providing permanent housing that incorporates client-centered rehabilitation and case management services, bringing together families, government agencies, and mental health professionals to serve homeless mentally ill people in a cost-effective manner.

Homelessness, and the lack of permanent housing for persons with mental disabilities, is a social problem that has been identified, but not yet fully addressed by public or private agencies. HFLF is tackling the problem in Los Angeles County, where homeless mentally disabled adults can be seen everywhere from downtown Skid Row, to beach communities such as Santa Monica and Long Beach, to suburban areas of the San Fernando Valley and Pasadena. They are visible in the streets, parks, vacant lots and buildings of our cities.