Our Staff

While most mentally ill people do not require constant hospitalization, many cannot manage to live entirely on their own. Because the lack of permanent and affordable housing is a main obstacle for these individuals, the staff members at Homes for Life Foundation dedicate themselves to providing solutions to the problem.


Carol M. Liess | Executive Director
Deborah Gibson | Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager
Juan Rivas, CMA | Accounting/Asset Manager
Julie Takata | HR Specialist
Lizzet Morando | Payroll / HR
Jose Martin Baluyut-Hand | HR Assistant


Nadine Moreno-Fimbres, LCSW | Head of Services
Open | Program Manager, Athena Homes
Open | Program Manager, Cedar Street Homes
Annette Battistone, Psy,M., MCJ | Program Manager, Birch Grove, Elm Street & Encanto Court
Stan Plucinik, LMFT | Program Manager, North Hollywood
Katrin Silvestro, MSW | Program Manager, Pasadena
Anahita Saadatifard, LCSW | Program Manager, Torrance
Steve Tuffey, MHRS | Program Manager, Van Nuys
Andrea Sanserino, LCSW | Supervising Clinician
Carlene Kerker, RN | Nurse Manager


Caring Housing Ministries | Property Management
Vida Andrade, BS | Facility Administrator, Cedar Street
Nicholas Novella, BSAF | Facility Manager, Cedar Street
Ryan Casarez, BS | Property Manager
Jim Withrow | Repair & Maintenance Manager