Mary, 36

Children were taken away by the Department of Children and Family Services

Mary was a working parent with three children when she was diagnosed with mental illness. After having a psychotic breakdown, her children were taken away from her by the Department of Children and Family Services. She ended up homeless for a few years and was later picked up by police. This led to hospitalization and professional help. After being placed in a homeless transitional housing program, she was accepted into one of HFLF”s programs.

“Now I live in peace with my birds. I’m also able to stay in touch with my children because now I can afford a cell phone.”

Margaret, 38

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

Before coming to HFLF, Margaret was chronically homeless and unemployed due to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. She also struggled with addiction and lived in downtown LA on Skid Row for many years.

“I was able to recover from addiction and graduate from USC. Without the housing and services provided by Homes for Life, this would not have been possible. I’m able to look forward to the future with confidence.”

James, 55

Lived in hospital bathrooms

James was homeless and lived in motels through the motel voucher program for the homeless. After he used all of his motel vouchers, he started sleeping in the bathroom at Harbor UCLA Medical Center so he could wait to be admitted to the psych ward. He was then transferred to a homeless transitional housing program and after two years was accepted into one of HFLF”s programs. After being in our program, James stopped hallucinating and became less paranoid.

“My new housing gave me security and shelter. My apartment has a bed, a television, heat and air conditioning. I’m so grateful to have a home now.”

Kenneth, 57

Ate leftovers behind fast food restaurants

Before he was accepted into one of the HFLF programs, Kenneth was homeless and sleeping in public parks and behind buildings. He would wash himself in public bathrooms to stay as clean as he could and ate leftovers behind fast food restaurants.

“I appreciate them very much. I had nothing before being accepted and now I have a reason to live again. My case manager is very friendly and helped me stabilize and understand my medical issues. I’m happy now and plan to expand my life to the fullest. Thank you for changing my life.”

Frank, 41

Struggled with alcohol and drug abuse since the age of 12

Frank began using alcohol and drugs when he was 12 years old. At the age of 22, he was diagnosed with mental illness. He weighed nearly 300 lbs. and was living on the streets of Los Angeles without any type of treatment.

“When I was accepted into the program at Homes for Life, it was the first permanent place I had to live in my life. Now, I have friends and a good relationship with my family. I’ve been stable on medication and clean from drugs and alcohol for six years. I want to thank Homes for Life for this chance.”

Bob, 42

Homeless, penniless, disabled

Prior to being accepted by Homes for Life, Bob was homeless, penniless, disabledand desperate. After being evicted from his residence, he lived in six different shelters and was suicidal.

“I cannot say enough about Homes for Life Foundation and the people who work there. They have given me my life back.”