David Bailey

David Bailey has served HFLF both as an employee and volunteer, before serving as Treasurer of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Financial Auditing & Planning Committee. Prior to retiring, Dave worked as a financial controller for Punch Studio, a manufacturer and distributor of greeting cards and specialty papers. In his capacity in the business management field, Dave had several articles published on credit management, in national credit and finance publications.

Dave sees his participation on HFLF’s board as an “opportunity to serve the community and particularly those less able to help themselves.” In addition to his volunteer work with HFLF, he also volunteers with the Westchester YMCA, having previously served on the YMCA’s Board of Managers, and as a member of the YMCA’s financial committee. He has also served as President, Vice President, and Treasurer of a YMCA service organization called the YMCA Men’s Group.

Dave is an avid photographer, has two grown children, and two granddaughters.