Lois Starr

Lois Starr is a housing development consultant for non-profit housing and service agencies. She came to this line of work after extensive experience with housing development after working as the Director of Housing Development and Preservation Department for the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission. Working closely with Health and Human Services departments across the county, she has taken the lead to develop and implement new and innovative solutions to house and serve homeless individuals, families, youth emancipating from foster care, victims of domestic violence, and seniors. Lois oversaw the development and implementation of the county’s Veterans Assistance Supportive Housing Program (VASH) and was instrumental in the development of an interjurisdictional agreement allowing these voucher holders to seamlessly move between jurisdictions in order to assist veterans find permanent housing.

Prior to her work at the county, Lois was a housing development consultant specializing in transitional and permanent housing for special needs populations, including the first transitional housing program for emancipated youth in LA County. She has also previously worked with Housing and Urban Development as a relocation and planning specialist.

A Los Angeles native, Lois completed her undergraduate work at California State University, Northridge and her graduate work at Pepperdine University.